Scrolled Box Component


XPDOM (Cross-Platform DOM) is a W3C-DOM Level 2 compatibility layer to programming Dynamic HTML in standard DOM and exactly same way in any Netscape and MSIE browser with dynamic html capabilities: Netscape Navigator 4.x, MSIE 4.x, 5.x and the new Mozilla/Netscape 6. It is updated to the latest functional implemented W3C-DOM Level 2 in Mozilla/Netscape 6 as the reference implementation.

Defines a API very similar to Java W3C-DOM-2 specification but with ECMAScript

This example shows the most important functions of XPDOM API, showing how to manipulate normal layout positioned elements, absolute positioned layers, window viewport and mouse events.

The JavaScript code is written once independently the browser is executing without code sniffing to detect the browser, because XPDOM API do it.